Tips to keep your home damp proof

South Africa’s need for damp proofing is great. Every house is susceptible to water damage and dampness at some point. This is something you should pay attention to. Damp can cause significant damage to your home over time, as well as a range of diseases and respiratory problems.

It is crucial to fully understand your roof maintenance needs and be able to manage them effectively.

These are 5 tips to ensure a damp-proof property:

1. Take a thorough inspection of the property

We are trusted experts that offer a variety of roofing and repair services. This will give you security at work and peace of mind at your home. You can trust a trusted local service provider to help you understand the climate and damp risk in your area. You can do this inspection yourself, but it’s not always recommended. It can be difficult to identify potential damp issues or spot any signs that might become more serious. Our professional team has the expertise to help you. Professionals will not only know what to watch out for but can also give practical advice about how to stop dampness from ruining your property.

2. Install a damp-proofing system

Newer homes often have a damp reduction system that stops damp from forming throughout the house. An investment in damp reduction systems may be necessary for older homes. TT Waterproofing can install these systems. This is a great investment that will last you through all seasons. The costs are reduced by the time, money and stress it saves. Hydroproof is a dampproofing system that protects your home, family and business.

3. Rainy days are a good time to take precautions

Johannesburg is well-known for its thunderstorms and the hot, humid climate that allows damp to flourish. The first step in securing your home is to make sure your water pipes and gutters are clear of leaves and dirt. They must be placed in a way that faces away from your house. Leakage can occur when gutters or pipes are too close to walls. This can lead to problems when it rains. It is important to ensure airflow. A damp environment creates a perfect environment for mould and damp growth. You can allow your room to breathe by opening windows, door vents, and other airflow techniques, especially during high-risk times of the year.
Roof repair cost for your roof leak and roof waterproofing

Minimize condensation

Condensation can lead to a buildup of moisture which can cause damp. An extractor fan can be installed in the bathroom to prevent steam from condensing on walls and ceilings. It is important to keep windows open after baths, showers, and other hot water activities.

If in doubt, contact a professional

It is possible to cause damage by calling an experienced professional before mould and mildew become visible. Calling an experienced professional can help minimize the damage and prevent it from becoming serious. This service can help you save thousands of Rands in damages over time.


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