Shower waterproofing

Shower waterproofing

What is shower waterproofing?

Shower waterproofing pretoria east Shower waterproofing is protecting your tiles and underlying structures from the constant water that the shower is exposed to. This should be properly done by a waterproofing expert before you install your shower and bathroom for the best results.

However, if you have a shower that has been poorly waterproofed in the past, waterproofing can also be done as a post-building procedure where the tiles can either be removed to properly waterproof the entire structure again, or if the existing tiles are still in good condition, topical waterproofing is also an option.

How is it done?

When waterproofing is done before the installation of a shower or after the removal of the existing tiles, the surfaces must be carefully cleaned and prepared to ensure that the waterproofing membrane with adhere properly to the surface. The waterproofing product must then be applied with great care and precision to ensure that even the smallest spot is not missed, as this would allow water through.

The first coat must then be allowed to dry completely before a second coat is applied with equal care and precision. We use only the highest quality waterproofing product to ensure a job that will last as long as your shower does. Depending on the material of the tiles, another waterproofing layer may be applied after the tiling is complete, this is because some materials are porous, and water entering them will cause them to become saturated and eventually crack and break. Materials that are not porous include porcelain and ceramic.

When topical waterproofing is needed, we will usually remove the grout between the tiles and replace it with a silicone filler which waterproofs these spaces. Depending on the material of the tiles an additional waterproof layer may be added over them to complete the job.

Why you need it and how it will benefit you.

Because your bathroom is the place in your home that has the most exposure to water, if you want it to last for years and years, waterproofing is absolutely essential. If you don’t waterproof your shower properly, the damage can go much deeper than just your shower or bathroom.

Some results of not waterproofing a shower include the corrosion of any metal in the structure, including your pipes and the possible warping or rotting of any wooden structures inside your house. More dangerous for you and your family are the formation of mould or mildew which can harm your health and are extremely difficult to get rid of properly.

Thorough and professional shower waterproofing is a choice that will save you some serious and expensive problems in the long run.

Speak to a TT Waterproofing Consultant today to discuss your shower waterproofing needs and see how we can help you create a bathroom that lasts for years and years.

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